About us

Hugma was founded in 2003, and is based in the town of Anderstorp in Sweden. Our concept of being specialists within the field of piecework is to keep ourselves at the forefront of industrial development. With our in-depth know-how and extensive experience we dare to say that we are specialists within our field.

Business concept 

As purchasing specialist we offer complete subcontract manufacturing in every kind material, size and quantity.

Business concept

Our business strategy is founded on three main areas: 

  • Product know-how: The expert knowledge we offer allows us to provide you with optimal manufacturing methods, structured purchasing and to rationalise the number of suppliers and thereby create the best possible overall economy for the customer.
  • Reliability: We meet our customers' highest demands of service, quality and delivery assurance.
  • Professionalism: Each customer shall see us as professionals through our speed of delivery, our flexibility and long-term strategies.